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A bit more about my No Gluten range

Did you know that all my flavour varieties are available without gluten? Whether it's the Truly Indulgent original variety, the zing of Orange & Cranberry or the sweet surprise that is White Chocolate Wow, you can now order them made with Gluten Free flour.

Why do I call it the 'No Gluten' range?

Well, I can't legally say that they are gluten free because my kitchen is not certified as gluten free. My brownies really are homemade, in my kitchen, where I live. Where I cook all my brownies, all my birthday cakes and all the meals for my family, so I can't make it a strictly gluten free environment.

However, when baking my No Gluten range, as well as using gluten free flour, I also keep my other ingredients separate, and use designated bowls, utensils and sieve to avoid cross contamination. I don't bake gluten and No Gluten brownies at the same time, I arrange my schedule so I can have a No Gluten 'shift'. And of course I always do a through wipe down at the beginning (and end) of each shift.

I have seen the effect that gluten can have on a Coeliac, and I know the discomfort it can cause to those with an intolerance. So I'm very careful, I can't afford not to be, and I want as many people as possible to enjoy my brownies. (sorry vegans - I'm still working on it!)

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